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Almased 17.6oz.

Manufactured by:


Almased 17.6oz.
Manufacturer: Almased SKU: Almased
Retail: $34.95 Our Price: $24.95


Almased 17.6oz.

Almased Synergy Diet

Achieve long-term success the Almased way

Over and over again, after faithfully following a weight-reduction diet, we find ourselves faced with the frustration of discovering the return of the pounds we tried so hard to lose! It's true: sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, we gain weight/after dieting. The following report tells you how to overcome this pattern of weight loss / weight gain known as the yo-yo effect.

A common pattern of weight loss: What a joy when the needle on your scales begins to descend! Your self-confidence grows, but, to maintain the losing trend, you continue to torture yourself. You count every calorie an resist the edible temptations that would, in the past, cheer you up. In addition, you summon all your willpower and begin to exercise. When, at least the unwanted pounds disappear, you have a sigh of relief and gradually return to eating as usual again.

Why the weight returns — our sleeping metabolism

It is a scientific facts that after a certain amount of time on a low-calorie diet our metabolism (the rate at which our body burns calories) adapts to the reduced food supply. In times of deprivation (or strict dieting) it slows down and, in a way, falls asleep. this means that our metabolism no longer works as it does when we are receiving adequate nourishment. Luckily for us this survival mode exists, it's a natural precaution against starvation. However when we return to eating as usual, the body cannot efficiently burn the food we consume and in no time at all the inches and pounds we worked so hard to lose return. Not only that, but already having experienced physical weakness due to recent dieting, we become irritable and discouraged. this cycle of weight loss, weight gain, while discouraging, is not inevitable. There is a way of activating and stimulating the metabolism even during a weight-reduction diet. How? With protein, specifically a protein mix of both animal and vegetable origin.

Dr. Klosa recommends supplementing your next diet with mixed protein and honey enzymes. This mix will stimulate your metabolism, creating results that last. From this mix of proteins, the body receives the minimum amount it needs to survive and synthesize its own protein. Too much foreign protein will form deposits on the arterial walls, therefore the correct balance is vital. This balance can be found in Almased, a revolutionary protein supplement.

Why Almased?

Almased contains pure soybean protein, skim milk yogurt powder and honey. From the basic ingredients in Almased to the way it is produced, every step ensures that the body will be able to absorb the proteins. No low quality soybean flours are used, only produce of supreme quality. Almased contains all the essential amino acids our body requires on a daily basis. It also contains proteins normally found only in meat, plus the enzymes vital to a healthy metabolism. Thanks to a new production procedure, the substances found in Almased retain the most complete and natural form possible. Furthermore, Almased contains the important vitamins and minerals necessary for good health.

Almased dietary food should be taken as a regular dietary supplement, nut just during a weight-reduction diet. Three to four teaspoons of Almased every day, will provide the nourishment necessary to help us feel well, lively and fit, plus keep us at a healthy weight.

Many diets cause hypoglycemia and subsequent periods of ravenous hunger. As Dr. Klosa writes in his paper "Diet with Obesity", the special composition of Almased diminishes hunger in a completely natural way and prevents the fatigue and irritability common in weight loss regimens.


Malnutrition often causes elevated cholesterol levels. Our cholesterol is measured by two values: HDL and LDL. The HDL value is urgently needed to keep the arteries flexible an clean. the LDL value is pertinent to the development of arteriosclerosis. All so-called cholesterol suppressors lower both values. However, a healthy change in eating habits (reducing the consumption of meat, eggs, and alcoholic drinks taken with meals or shortly afterward), along with Almased dietary food make it possible to single out and decrease the LDL value alone.

The undernourishment of modern society

Industrial processing of food, inadequate breeding conditions and emaciated soils give rise to symptoms of undernourishment, a condition that weakens the body and makes it vulnerable to disease. Additionally, even the brain's ability to think and remember is affected. Almased supplements our daily food with substances that are particularly delicate and rare. After a short time of supplementing the diet with Almased dietary food, one feels livelier and fitter.

Scientific Proof:

Over a span of nine years, European scientists have tested Almased extensively on a great number of diverse individuals. A controlled study of sixty-eight athletes proved conclusively that performance levels measurably increased after only four weeks.

Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete, competitive amateur, or weekend sports-lover — if you want to avoid soreness and fatigue from overexertion and improve your overall fitness level and sense of well-being — if you want to lose five pounds or 105 pound — Almased is for you!

Fact: Protein is the major building block of muscle tissue and must be constantly supplied in sufficient quantity in readily-digestible form.

Fact: On average, only 20 percent of all theoretically digestible proteins in commercially available supplements, are in fact absorbed and present in the bloodstream after several hours.

Fact: Almased contains a unique and exclusive formula and production process (German patent No. DE AL2 853 194) through which 90% of the available amino acids are fully absorbed and are detectable in the bloodstream within 20 minutes.

Diets For Almased

Pregnancy: During pregnancy women need high-quality nutrition. Unfortunately, very little product development occurs in the industry because the client base of mothers-to-be is much too small to raise the industry's interest. Often, babies are born with symptoms of nutritional deficiency, but the consequences are not recognized until later.

Senior Citizens: As one grows older the body's ability to digest protein-rich food diminishes. The protein requirement, however, doubles. A lack of protein leads to an increased weariness of body and mind. Dead cells are not replaced and vitality and drive slacken. By supplementing their diet with the more easily digestible protein and important enzymes in Almased, even the elder person becomes livelier and fitter.

Athletes: Anyone who considers himself or herself an athlete recognizes the importance of a diet rich in protein. Unfortunately, special diets for athletes only consist of animal products, thus causing an unbalanced excessive supply. Later in life, this will lead to protein-storage diseases and elevated level of uric acid. Almased dietary food contains all needed proteins on a vegetable and animal basis. Furthermore, it contains important enzymes required for proper metabolism. Almased dietary food stimulates muscle growth and metabolic activity.

Vegetarians: Vegetarians are faced with eating large quantities of vegetables to meet their protein requirements or accepting malnutrition. Now, they can upgrade their diets with Almased and receive the nutrition they need.

Almased 17.6oz.
Manufacturer: Almased SKU: Almased
Retail: $34.95 Our Price: $24.95