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IT Lepti-Trim 180 caps

Manufactured by:

Immune Tree

IT Lepti-Trim 180 caps
Manufacturer: Immune Tree SKU: IT1016
Retail: $49.95 Our Price: $36.95


IT Lepti-Trim 180 caps

Lepti-Trim (Previous Name Was Slim Factors)

(Left) Mouse with defective ob gene lacks the OB protein (leptin), which regulates the body, signaling the amount of fat stored. (Right) Mouse treated with leptin shed 40 percent of its body weight.

The Science Behind Leptin

Both of these mice have a defect in a gene called obese (ob). This mutation usually results in a marked increase in the amount of fat.

Administration of the protein encoded by the ob gene, called leptin, reduced the body weight of the ob mice.

After four and a half weeks, the ob mouse on the left, which did not receive leptin, weighed approximately 67 grams while the mouse on the right, who received daily injections of leptin, weighed 35 grams. Normal mice weigh approximately 24 grams, a weight equivalent to that of an orange.

Daily injections of leptin to ob mice reduced body weight via effects on food intake and energy expenditure, meaning the treated animals ate less and also burned more calories.

There's Hope For Hormonally Induced Weight Gain

"I went through surgical menopause at the age of 30 and my weight doubled in 2 years. Since then I have been in a constant battle against weight gain. I have tried a number of different diets, and several different diet products, but nothing has ever worked for me. Each time I gave up on a diet, I would gain it all back - and more. Lepti~Trim has been a completely different experience! It is the first time in 20 years that I have lost inches. In 8 weeks, I have lost a total of 8 ½ inches. I even made sure that I did not go out of my way to diet or exercise. I have noticed that I am eating less and am more satisfied."

New and improved formula!

New Formula includes all of the previous ingredients with the addition of:

  • Manganese as an anti-oxidant.
  • Guggul has been added to help control fat and cholesterol.
  • Cassia Nomame is considered a lipase inhibitor.

IGF-1 enhances The effect Of Leptin and Directs Metabolic Processes:

  • Influences Fat Metabolism
  • Supports Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Initiating Muscle Cell Proliferation
  • Inhibiting Fat Storage Synthesis

Leptin (From The Greek Word Leptos Meaning thin) Orchestrates the Use Of Fats:

  • Accelerating Fat Breakdown
  • Effecting Appetite
  • Promoting Inch Loss
  • Influencing Fat Cell Size


IT Lepti-Trim 180 caps
Manufacturer: Immune Tree SKU: IT1016
Retail: $49.95 Our Price: $36.95