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Liddell Vital HGH Immune Booster - 1 fl. oz (c)

Manufactured by:


Liddell Vital HGH Immune Booster - 1 fl. oz (c)
Manufacturer: Liddell SKU: LiImmune-c
Retail: $34.99 Our Price: $17.95


Liddell Vital HGH Immune Booster - 1 fl. oz (c)

Vital HGH Immune Booster

Recent health news has taught us all about the importance of a healthy immune system. Vital HGH Immune Booster is a formula designed to support the body's natural defense mechanisms. Two sprays, three times a day provide safe and natural holistic relief and protection!

This product is designed for everyday use to promote better immune function. Vital HGH Immune Booster includes 14 ingredients, including HGH and Echinacea, all working to protect your immunity. Supports the body's natural defense mechanisms and temporarily relieves symptoms such as:

  • tendency towards colds and flu
  • minor allergic reactions
  • intermittent joint pain
  • occasional sleeplessness

How Vital Immune Booster Works

Vital Immune Booster has been created to support the body's natural defense mechanism and help it fight a tendency towards colds and flu, minor allergic reactions and intermittent joint pains.

Apis mellifica (Honeybee) — Acts on cellular tissues causing edema of skin and mucous membranes. Treats inflammation and skin eruptions.

Borax (Borate of Sodium) — For gastro-intestinal irritations, mucous membrane ulcers and skin eruptions.

Carduus marianus (St. Mary's Thistle) — Protects the hepatic organs. Supports proper sugar metabolism.

Cinnabaris (Mercuric Sulphide) — General treatment for various infections such as canker sores, cystitis, eye inflammation and ulcers of the mouth and throat.

Echinacea angustifolia (Purple Cone Flower) — For lymphatic inflammation, soft-tissue injuries and fever. Helps decrease an accumulation of mucous.

Galium aparine (Goose Grass) — For edema and helps protect against abnormal cell growth.

Human growth hormone (Recombinant) — Helps balance the body's level of Human Growth Hormone. Relieves low energy, and helps decrease excess body fat.

Hepar (Liver Extract) — Promotes healthy liver function, including the synthesis of IGF-1, an important anti-aging peptide that declines as we age. Protects against liver toxicity, which can leave skin dry.

Mercurious corrosivus (Corrosive Sublimate) — For nasal and throat infections and supports healthy kidney function.

Nitricum acidum (Nitric acid) — For a tendency to catch colds. Treats blisters and ulcers in the mouth, tongue, or genitals.

Pituitarum (Pituitary Extract) — Stimulates the endocrine glands, particularly the pituitary gland which secretes HGH.

Sulfur iodatum (Sulphur Iodide) — Immune system booster. Eases fatigue from colds or flu and reduces lympth inflammation.

Thuja occidentalis (Tree of Life) — Supports normal glandular function and helps protect against abnormal cell growth. Treats skin conditions such as blotches, freckles and warts.

Thymus extract — Supports the production of mature T cells.

Liddell Vital HGH Immune Booster - 1 fl. oz (c)
Manufacturer: Liddell SKU: LiImmune-c
Retail: $34.99 Our Price: $17.95