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WZ Stimulin - 60 tabs

Manufactured by:

Naturally Vitamins

WZ Stimulin - 60 tabs
Manufacturer: Naturally Vitamins SKU: Stimulin
Retail: $39.80 Our Price: $22.84


WZ Stimulin - 60 tabs


Stimulin contains the patented nutrient and potent amino acid citrulline. It is a new approach to improve libido and sexual vitality. Citrulline is derived from watermelons. Once in the blood, it helps increase the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a natural stimulator that enlarges blood vessels. The larger the vessels, the more blood flows and that means stronger libido and more powerful, long-lasting erections. Stimulin, with its patented nutrient citrulline, is an important part of an overall program to help naturally increase libido, improve sexual stamina, ease erectile dysfunction, promote better circulation, improve overall vascular health and slow the aging clock.

Only Stimulin:

  • Contains the patented nutrient citrulline
  • Is a safe alternative to prescription libido-enhancing medications
  • Naturally supports healthy libido
  • Works with the body to increase sexual stamina and sexual performance
  • Gives men the confidence they need

Stimulin, a proprietary dietary supplement, is based on the amino acid L-citrulline. Dr. Wong himself has long used the formula as a substitute for L-arginine.

"1 started taking two tablets twice a day," says Dr. Wong. "The dosage was much lower than what I had been using with L-arginine, and there was no fishy smell. Even still, two days later, the effects were obvious. There was increased penile tumescence." He jokingly notes he had to "put on warm-ups instead of tight-fitting jeans."

L-citrulline maybe more potent than l-arginine because the body's production of nitric oxide can be impaired, due to interference by other chemicals—but Stimulin with citrulline overcomes impaired nitric oxide synthesis even better than L-arginine.

At Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center, Baltimore, Maryland, relaxation of living tissue was inhibited markedly by the compound L-nitro-n-arginine. This same compound inhibits the body's production of nitric oxide. Such inhibition was reversed by either L-argiriine or L-citrulline. Howevei according to Drs. J.L. Ellis and N. Conanan, L-citrulline was more potent and effective. L-citrulline was also better than arginine at reversing inhibition produced by another nitric oxide synthase inhibitor, L-nitro monomethyl arginine.

The body requires L-citrulline to maintain optimal levels of arginine. In a study conducted by researchers associated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Tufts University, Boston, rats were fed arginine-deficient diets containing ornithine or citrulline. The addition of citrulline (but not ornithine) to the diet restored blood arginine concentrations.

WZ Stimulin - 60 tabs
Manufacturer: Naturally Vitamins SKU: Stimulin
Retail: $39.80 Our Price: $22.84