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VV Bilberry Extract Plus - 60mg 60 caps

Manufactured by:


VV Bilberry Extract Plus - 60mg 60 caps
Manufacturer: VirtuVites SKU: VV7171
Retail: $15.95 Our Price: $11.95


VV Bilberry Extract Plus - 60mg 60 caps

Bilberry Extract Plus

Bilberries received their first major recognition during World War II. British pilots noticed that eating bilberry jam before flights seemed to improve their night vision. Many of the pilots claimed that in as quickly as twenty minutes after eating the jam, their sight was already improving.

In the years since the war numerous studies have been conducted on this herb. These studies show that bilberry does indeed improve night vision. One of the most encouraging studies holds that over 80% of the people taking bilberry for the first time improved on both their visual acuity exam and on a night vision test.

Researchers were able to isolate the flavonoid they think is responsible for the vision improvement. It is called anthocyanoside and is responsible for the deep red-blue of the berries.

Scientists found that anthocyanoside greatly increases the eye's ability to see purples. These purples are the major color seen by the eyes at night. This improvement takes very little time to occur, just as the pilots claimed. For long term improvements, however; an average of six weeks with regular doses is needed.

Bilberry concentrate is prepared to specifically contain at least 25% anthocyanosides. Anthocyanoside is one of the more effective antioxidants. In fact, it is ranked higher in power than vitamins E and C.

In addition to finding that bilberry improves night vision, studies have also shown that it improves nearsightedness and overall visual acuity during the day as well. Scientists believe that this improvement might be due to bilberry's effect on the blood supply. In one study, the blood supply to the eye was increased by 75% in patients taking regular bilberry supplements.

The positive effects of this small shrub are believed to help more than just the eyes. Anthocyanosides are believed to strengthen the capillary walls. This protection may lower the blood pressure, reduce clots, help eliminate varicose veins and improve blood supplies. Bilberry has been shown to reduce excessive bleeding and thin the blood by reducing platelet adhesion.

Our Standardized Bilberry Extract is meticulously manufactured under strict quality control standards without the use of harsh solvents. It is extracted to provide an optimal level of 25% natural occuring Anthocyanidins. Additionally, it contains a full spectrum of componenets as they occur naturally in fresh Whole Bilberries.

Red Grape Skin Extract and citrus Bioflavonoids work synergistically to enhance the proven benefits of Bilberry Extract.

VV Bilberry Extract Plus - 60mg 60 caps
Manufacturer: VirtuVites SKU: VV7171
Retail: $15.95 Our Price: $11.95