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NutraceuticsRx ORAC-15,000 Bulk Powder - 200g

Manufactured by:


NutraceuticsRx ORAC-15,000 Bulk Powder - 200g
Manufacturer: NutraceuticsRX SKU: NRx150
Retail: $79.95 Our Price: $69.95


NutraceuticsRx ORAC-15,000 Bulk Powder - 200g


15,000 (μmol TE/g) ORAC Value

ORAC-15,000 is a unique and highly concentrated extract of grape skin, seed and fruit. The extract is naturally rich in proanthocyanidins (a group of phenolic compounds) also called OPC's. These compounds contribute to the antioxidant potential and are concentrated to a levels which makes ORAC-15,000 the highest known ORAC value ingredient (a comparison of ORAC value substances is shown below, Table 1 [1-3]).

Botanical source: The seed, skin and fruit of Grape (Vitis vinifera)

  • Highest known ORAC value supplement ingredient
  • Adds significant anti-oxidant activity to any supplement or beverage
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Excellent water solubility and mild flavor for beverage applications

ORAC value and anti-oxidant capacity: ORAC, the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity system was developed by the USDA to reliably quantify the anti-oxidant capacity of foods and supplement compounds. ORAC is reported in Trolox Equivalents (TE), per one gram of product tested. Trolox is a watersoluble vitamin-E like compound that is used as a standard.

Pharmacology and Clinicals: The compounds in ORAC-15,000 from grape extract are potent antioxidants [5]. They strengthen and protect cell membranes from oxidative damage, provide cardiovascular support and wide ranging health benefits [6].

Analytical Specifications: The antioxidant capacity of ORAC-15,000 is assured by the ORAC (APPH) method, and a value of NLT 15,000 ORAC value is guaranteed. ORAC-15,000 is also required to pass each step of the Ethical Naturals ProfileProven Quality Assurance system which guarantees product purity, potency and integrity.

Recommended Dosage: Recommended ORAC intake (USDA) is around 5,000 units/day, though it is estimated that most people consume less than 3,000 units/day. To achieve 100% of the USDA recommended daily level of ORAC antioxidant, a dose level of 350mg provides a little over 5000 ORAC units [4].

Technical Specification: ProfileProven ORAC-15,000 Grape Extract Version C08-04

Odor & Taste
Yellowish-brown powder
Complies with reference Chromatogram
ENI.SOP E502.7.1
ENI.SOP E502.7.1
ORAC Value
(Total Antioxidant Capacity)
> 15,000 μmol TE/g APPH Method
Loss on Drying
Bulk Density
Mesh Size
< 7.0%
0.40-0.55 g/ml
100% through 80 Mesh
Soluble in water
< 1.0 ppm
< 1.0 ppm
< 1.0 ppm***
< 0.2 ppm
Complies with USP standard
ENI.SOP E502.7.6
ENI.SOP E502.7.5
Total Plate Count
Yeast & Mold
Escherichia coli
Staphylococcus aureus
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
< 3,000 cfu/g
< 300 cfu/g
Negative (< 10 cfu/g)
Negative (< 10 cfu/g)
Negative (< 10 cfu/g)
Negative (< 10 cfu/g)
Negative (< 10 cfu/g)

Extracted by food grade ethanol and distilled water with an extract ratio of 50:1; no excipients or carriers used; non-GMO; ETO-free and non-irradiated.
(*) Representative sample derived from drums of each lot, using the 'square root of N + 1' method
(ENI.SOP.E502.7.2). Assay verified at an FDA Registered lab (ENI.SOP.H804.7.1).
(**) Verified by skip lot testing at an FDA Registered lab in accordance with ENI testing protocol
(***) In compliance with California Proposition 65 (< 0.5 μg/day) based on the typical daily recommendation of 200-300 mg/day based on daily intake of 3000 to 5000 ORAC score.
Please note: Actual results may vary 5% to the specifications due to laboratory test variability.


  1. Prior, R.L., et al. (1999). Variability in dietary antioxidant related natural products supplements: the need for method standardization. JANA, 2, 46-56.
  2. Cao, G., et al. (1996). Antioxidant capacity of tea and common vegetables. J. Agri. Food Chem, 44, 3246-31.
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  6. D. Bagchi et al., Free radicals and grape seed proanthocyanidin extract: importance in human health and disease prevention, Toxicology, 148 (2-3), 187-97, 2000.

Table 1.
ORAC Scores of some common dietary supplement products, vegetables and fruits.

Product Name Product
(µmol TE/g)
Grams needed to equal
to 1 gram of ORAC-15,000

(rounded to 1 or 2 significant #)
Grams of product
needed to provide
5,000 ORAC Units

(rounded to 1 or 2 significant #)
Grape Extract
Supplement 15,000 1.0 0.33
Vitamin C Vitamin 5,000 3.0 1.0
Bilberry Extract Supplement 4,800 3.1 1.0
Chokeberry Extract Supplement 2,087 7.2 2.4
Vitamin E Vitamin 1,200 13 4.2
Black Tea Powder Supplement 927 16 5.4
Green Tea Powder Supplement 814 18 6.1
Cranberry Extract Supplement 151 99 33
Garlic Powder Supplement 46 330 110
Grape Juice Fruit Juice 15 1000 330
Grapefruit Juice Fruit Juice 4 3800 1300
Orange Juice Fruit Juice 4 3800 1300
Apple Juice Fruit Juice 3 5000 1700
Strawberry Fruit 15 1000 330
Plum Fruit 9.4 1600 530
Orange Fruit 7.5 2000 660
Red Grape Fruit 7.4 2000 680
White Grape Fruit 4.5 3300 1100
Banana Fruit 2.2 6800 2300
Apple Fruit 2.2 6800 2300
Kale Vegetable 17.7 850 280
Spinach Vegetable 12.6 1200 400
Cauliflower Vegetable 3.8 3900 1300
Potato Vegetable 3.1 4800 1600

NutraceuticsRx ORAC-15,000 Bulk Powder - 200g
Manufacturer: NutraceuticsRX SKU: NRx150
Retail: $79.95 Our Price: $69.95