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NutraceuticsRx CoriolusPure Bulk Powder - 250g

Manufactured by:


NutraceuticsRx CoriolusPure Bulk Powder - 250g
Manufacturer: NutraceuticsRX SKU: NRx132
Retail: $181.95 Our Price: $124.95


NutraceuticsRx CoriolusPure Bulk Powder - 250g


NutraceuticsRx CoriolusPure is a highly purified form of the Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom. CoriolusPure is a full spectrum mushroom extract standardized to 39% polysaccharide by using both hot water and ethanol for it's extraction process. There are active components in the Coriolus mushroom that are not water soluble and therefore alcohol and water extraction is required to achieve this purity level and full spectrum compounds.

NutraceuticsRx CoriolusPure is the most potent Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom extract on the planet and is standardized to contain 39% polysaccharide and 38% Beta Glucan.


  1. Immune Enhancement
  2. Immunotherapy
  3. Hepatic Functions

PSK, PSP, Polysaccharide, Proteoglycan (the central, linear polypeptide chain that has multiple branched chains of poly-beta-D-glucans attached.)

Coriolus versicolor, better known as the "turkey tail" mushroom, has historically been used as a health food in China and Japan. In 1965, Japanese scientists first extracted a bioactive polysaccharide from the basidiomycetes of the Coriolus mushroom. The extracted polysaccharide, water-soluble and protein-bound, was named PSK and has since been widely used in Japan and other countries to support and promote immune health.

Anti-cancer drugs derived from Coriolus versicolor are among the most widely used cancer therapeutic agents in Japan. In traditional Chinese medicine, this mushroom has been used to boost immune functions, reduce phlegm, heal pulmonary disorders and strengthen the physical energy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10))

NutraceuticsRx CoriolusPure Bulk Powder - 250g
Manufacturer: NutraceuticsRX SKU: NRx132
Retail: $181.95 Our Price: $124.95