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Hi-Tech Choledrene - 90 Capsules

Manufactured by:

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi-Tech Choledrene - 90 Capsules
Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals SKU: H-TCholedrene
Retail: $49.95 Our Price: $27.19


Hi-Tech Choledrene - 90 Capsules



CHOLEDRENE has been tested on men and women for three years to prove its safety and efficacy before bringing it to market. CHOLEDRENE was administered to 242 men and women with a 97% success rate. These results were phenomenal, especially when an estimated 65 million Americans have cholesterol levels considered by medical experts as suboptimal. Many individuals are now taking a proactive approach to managing normal cholesterol levels with diet and lifestyle changes and by including a cholesterol maintaining supplement like CHOLEDRENE. Independent research on the active components in CHOLEDRENE demonstrates its ability to prevent oxidation of LDL Cholesterol by as much as 30%! With dozens of studies to back CHOLEDRENE's active components (and considering the synergy these CHOLEDRENE ingredients create when combined in the precise ratios), we expect CHOLEDRENE to reinvent the nutriceutical cholesterol category.

What makes CHOLEDRENE so unique and effective?

CHOLEDRENE works by blocking the synthesis of cholesterol. It's unique composition of rice starch, long chain fatty acids/alcohols, and HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors make it unlike any other nutriceutical on the market. Another action of CHOLEDRENE is to reduce the proliferation of cells. Healthy arteries are lined with a smooth layer of cells so that the blood can race through with no resistance. It can also inhibit the formation of clots, which can be extremely dangerous. We incorporate a proprietary strain of phytosterols and monascus purpureus that is called Phytostatin. Our unique Phytostatin has been designed in China especially for Hi-Tech to yield precise active compounds allowing it to be sold as a dietary supplement! It yields starch, fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, linolenic, palmitic, stearic), phytosterols (beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol), isoflavones, and long fatty alcohols. Our active component is MVA which is not the active in most red rice extracts. MVA need not be hydrogenized like other red yeast rice extracts and therefore yields less side effects. The heart requires magnesium for normal heart rhythm. The arteries require pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, and folic acid for healthy arterial function. Antioxidants prevent oxidized LDL ("Bad") cholesterol, B-Vitamins prevent homocysteine, nitric oxide (L-Arginine derived) fights arterial plaque and supports healthy blood flow, and Monascus Purpureus inhibits HMGCoA reductase ... which REDUCES CHOLESTEROL. All this and more is contained in CHOLEDRENE.

MONASCUS PURPUREUS — This compound has traditionally been used as a "blood purifier." Our unique extraction method helps prevent oxidation of LDL Cholesterol and maintains existing normal cholesterol levels by inhibiting its synthesis in the liver. It also allows CHOLEDRENE to be very effective without concerns about liver problems.

COENZYME Q10 — Due to the natural tendency of statins to deplete Coenzyme Q10 (an important energy source for the heart), we have included this component to support efficient energy production in heart cells.

SILYMARIN — This compound, derived from all natural sources, has traditionally been used to protect the liver from harm caused by chemicals. Even though statins are extraordinarily safe, their function IS to inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver ... therefore, liver function in this process is supremely important. Including a "protecting" agent such as this is one of the MANY reasons why CHOLEDRENE is unrivaled in today's market for over-the-counter, "cholesterol-managing" agents.

PROPRIETARY ANTIOXIDANT BLEND — "Bad" or LDL Cholesterol is dangerous because of its propensity for "oxidation." However, the Proprietary Antioxidant Blend, scientifically formulated specifically for CHOLEDRENE, inhibits this oxidation. This component was included to support the normal.

Hi-Tech Choledrene - 90 Capsules
Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals SKU: H-TCholedrene
Retail: $49.95 Our Price: $27.19