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Champion Nutrition - Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 - 6.6 lbs (3000 g)

Manufactured by:

Champion Nutrition

Champion Nutrition - Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 - 6.6 lbs (3000 g)
Manufacturer: Champion Nutrition SKU: EUChampGain6lb
Retail: $56.95 Our Price: $37.14


Champion Nutrition - Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 - 6.6 lbs (3000 g)

Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200

All natural. Up to 1200 calories in a single glass! 66g of Protein per serving!

Champion Nutrition defies the state-of-the-art in Gainers once again — At 1200 calories per glass, Super Heavyweight Gainer has more calories and protein (up to 66 grams) per glass (Refers to a 20 oz glass.) than any other gainer ever! Its irresistible flavors utilize a new technology we call, Double-Melted-Ice-Cream. To gain mass you need lots of calories! In fact nothing else will work without calories! The athletes that discover this are the ones that gain the mass. The rest don't. You may need 6000 calories a day to gain the kind of mass you want. Too many athletes struggle on less than half this number!

Let's do the math. If you eat just three regular meals a day at 900 calories each, and add three Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 shakes at 3600 calories, you've taken in a whopping 6300 calories! No bloat — No problem. No other Gainer has what Super HeavyWeight has! Packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and even fiber to keep everything working right. Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 is the finest and most advanced gainer on the planet, bar none!

Plus Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 contains these ingredients to help control fat:

  • Citrimax (hydroxycitrate) — To help reduce the amount of carbohydrate that gets converted to fat.
  • Chromium — To help drive aminos and carbs into muscle tissue where they can give you massive size without fat.
  • MCT's (medium chain triglycerides) — Give you energy to recover fast with less conversion to fat.

Use Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 Up to 3 Times a Day:

  1. Mid-Morning — Have your first shake before lunch. Don't go more than 2.5 hours with a quality calories meal (with at least 50 grams of protein) to maximize muscles gains. Keep your body saturated with calories and you will maximize gains. Otherwise you may be chewing-up precious muscle for energy.
  2. Pre-Workout — 1 to 1.5 hours before training, drink Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 to guarantee you the most powerful workout possible without cannibalizing muscle for energy.
  3. Post-Workout — Have another delicious Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 shake immediately after training to feed your hungry muscles. This is when your muscles may take in as much as 85% of the nutrients they will use over the next 24 hours for growth and recovery! Miss this and your may miss he boat for muscle growth. More calories, less saturated fat!

Each serving of Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 gives you more fat calories than one 20 oz premium ice cream milkshake, yet it contains less saturated fat — 48% less saturated fat. Plus Super HeavyWeight Gainer is fortified and it contains essential fatty acids. So if you want calories, Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 gives them to you — the right way!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Champion Nutrition - Super Heavyweight Gainer 1200 - 6.6 lbs (3000 g)
Manufacturer: Champion Nutrition SKU: EUChampGain6lb
Retail: $56.95 Our Price: $37.14