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Champion Nutrition - Pure Whey Protein Stack - 5 lb

Manufactured by:

Champion Nutrition

Champion Nutrition - Pure Whey Protein Stack - 5 lb
Manufacturer: Champion Nutrition SKU: EUChampWhey5lb
Retail: $65.95 Our Price: $46.71


Champion Nutrition - Pure Whey Protein Stack - 5 lb

Pure Whey

No aspartame. No fillers. Low lactose. Mixes instantly! No blender required. Pure Whey Protein Stack is made exclusively from micro-filtered and partially hydrolyzed ion-exchange whey protein concentrates and isolates. It contains a complete array of whey protein fractions high in the indispensable amino acids and rich in glutamine peptides giving you the right tools for muscle growth. In addition, each scoop delivers glutathione-boosting methionine and cysteine to improve your chances at better health. No question! You are holding a product that is second to no other in its class!

The Highest Concentration of Protein

You buy protein in order to get protein. But some companies offer lower prices by playing tricks on you. Were you aware that up to 14% of some proteins are moisture? Did you know that protein from some foreign countries can have up to 30% burned protein particles? They can still be called protein, even though they may have little or no nutritional value. Our Pure Whey Protein Stack contains up to 33% more protein by weight than some competing brands.

No Fillers

Champion Nutrition's Pure Whey has over 80% pure whey protein. Check the competition. They range from 75%, all the way down to 60%! Sure they cost less.

No Cheap Flavors — Only the Best

Champion Nutrition is known for making great tasting products.

Here's our secret

You can't make a great tasting product with cheap flavors! This is where many companies save money. Our flavors come from a century old French flavor house, World renown for their expertise and quality.

Elite Athletes

Stack Pure Whey Protein Stack with metabolol II, or met max to help boost IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) which helps your body burn fat and enhance muscle growth and protein synthesis as well as maintain positive nitrogen balance. Just 2 scoops adds 46 grams of ultra high-quality protein to your regimen.

Fitness and Serious Aerobic Athletes

Stack Pure Whey Protein Stack with ultramet, or metabolol II for a perfect ultra low-fat, low-carbohydrate way to boost low glycemic index protein intake. It's perfect for lean muscle synthesis, fat burning, dieting and getting that ripped, muscular look for pre-contest or pre-event preparation.

Younger Athletes, Football players and Weightlifters

If your priority is the development of weight, size and strength, stack Pure Whey with super heavyweight gainer, heavyweight gainer 900 or lean gainer — the best tasting, most calorically and nutrient dense gainers available. Excellent BCAA to IAA ratio. Total of BCAA (21,900 mg)/Total of IAA (43,700 mg) = 50.1%. BCAA — Branched Chain Amino Acid.

IAA — Indispensable Amino Acid. To keep you in positive nitrogen balance each serving of Pure Whey Protein Stack is packed with muscle-building nitrogen in the form of peptide-bonded branched chain, indispensable and conditionally essential amino acids.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Champion Nutrition - Pure Whey Protein Stack - 5 lb
Manufacturer: Champion Nutrition SKU: EUChampWhey5lb
Retail: $65.95 Our Price: $46.71