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AY Renewal HGH - 1 oz. Spray

Manufactured by:

Always Young

AY Renewal HGH - 1 oz. Spray
Manufacturer: Always Young SKU: AYHGH
Retail: $54.95 Our Price: $29.95


AY Renewal HGH - 1 oz. Spray

  • True Recombinant Human Growth Hormone or True Recombinant Human IGF-1
  • A Unique Dual-Potency Homeopathic Formula
  • Meticulously Designed for Oral Consumption
  • Hand Succussed for Maximum Absorption and Bio-Activity
  • Produced in the United States by an
  • FDA Certified Laboratory


The recombinant HGH and IGF-1 in Renewal is made from natural, non-animal elements and is an exact replica of the Growth Hormone and IGF-1 produced in the human body.

Renewal is the first line of oral Growth Hormone (HGH) and IGF-1 products. As homeopathics they are formulated and produced under the guidelines of the homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the United States, are fully hand succussed, and are tested for purity at the beginning of the manufacturing process and again at the end.

The recombinant Growth Hormone and IGF-1 that is used in the mother tincture of these homeopathics is of the highest pharmaceutical quality.

Our Growth Hormone is produced in the United States by an FDA certified laboratory, and is the result of a patented DNA gene splicing biotechnology. Not only is the HGH molecule produced as a 191 amino acid chain, which is identical to the Growth Hormone manufactured in the human body, it is also meticulously designed for oral consumption.

This mother tincture of Growth Hormone and IGF-1 is then formulated using the principles of homeopathy which causes it to become extremely dynamic and bio-active in the body. To ensure this bio-activity and to guarantee maximum absorption all Renewal products are completely hand succussed; no machines are ever used. This prevents interference from electro-magnetic fields (EMF's) which can upset the balance of a homeopathic, allowing the integrity of our products to be maintained.

This is HGH, "...the ultimate anti-aging therapy," as stated by Dr. Ronald Klatz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, in his book "Grow Young with HGH." Also quoted:

"The rejuvenating effects of Growth Hormone are global, acting on both mind and body, anatomy and physiology, form and function."

"Growth Hormone affects almost every cell in the body; rejuvenating the skin and bones, regenerating the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys, bringing organ and tissue function back to youthful levels."

Here you can learn about this incredible breakthrough of oral Growth Hormone and IGF-1. And as you do, ponder what the possibilities would be like in a truly ageless society. Because with the help of products like Renewal, we may well be on our way.


Renewal HGH is a True recombinant Human Growth Hormone. In clinical studies it has been shown that Growth Hormone can assist a person in losing fat, gaining lean muscle mass, increasing sexual function and desire, thickening skin and reducing wrinkles, thickening and even re-growing hair, increasing strength, stamina and energy level, maintaining a heightened mood, and a multitude of other possible benefits.

AY Renewal HGH - 1 oz. Spray
Manufacturer: Always Young SKU: AYHGH
Retail: $54.95 Our Price: $29.95